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Redesign Effective Fall 2014

We've updated the AP U.S. History course home page on AP Central to include information that was previously available on this website. The AP U.S. History page on AP Central should now serve as your home base for information and resources aligned with the redesigned course.

AP Practice Exam

A full AP U.S. History Practice Exam that reflects course revisions is now available. Sample student responses and scoring commentary will be available later this summer.

Since many teachers lobbied for putting practice exams in a secure environment, teachers can access the exam from their AP Course Audit accounts (not AP Central). To access it, log in and click the Secure Documents link in the Resources section of your Course Status Page.

Practice exams are for classroom use only. To ensure their integrity, please keep them in a secure location; do not give them to students as take-home assignments; make sure to collect them after administering them in class; and do not post them on school or other websites. Teachers may use questions from the practice exam to create shorter assessments, as long as they are paper-based, administered in the classroom, and collected from students following the testing period.

AP Course Audit

The AP Course Audit ensures that teachers have a thorough understanding of the redesigned AP U.S. History course requirements. Teachers can either revise and submit their own syllabus or adopt one of the four annotated sample syllabi available on the AP Course Audit website. January 31, 2015 is the deadline for submitting a revised syllabus.

AP Exam

Students will take the redesigned AP U.S. History Exam in May 2015. Download the AP U.S. History Course and Exam Description to learn more and view sample multiple-choice and free-response questions.

Professional Development

AP offers a range of professional development options, including one-day, face-to-face workshops and AP Summer Institutes, which demonstrate practical ways to design and implement rigorous curricula and prepare students for success on the revised exam.

Join the AP U.S. History Teacher Community, an online forum moderated by fellow educators, where AP teachers connect with colleagues, share classroom materials, and exchange ideas.