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Course Information

Defining the Course

The Course and Exam Description (.pdf/1.81MB) includes the concept outline, curriculum framework, and sample exam questions. These resources, alongside state and local requirements for American history courses, help teachers build their syllabi.

Customize for the Classroom

A new Curriculum Framework Evidence Planner helps teachers customize the framework by specifying the historical content selected for student focus. It can also be provided to students to track the historical evidence examined for each concept and as review for the AP Exam.

Submit a Syllabus

Schools and teachers develop their own curriculum for AP courses. Submitting a syllabus to the AP Course Audit ensures teachers have a thorough understanding of AP U.S. History course requirements and are authorized to teach AP. Deadline: January 31.

Additional Resources

Teacher-created resources are available on our Teacher Resources page.

Course Planning and Pacing Guides demonstrate how various teachers plan and pace the curriculum:

Ted Dickson,
Providence Day School, NC (.pdf/6.12MB)

Geri Hastings,
Catonsville High School, MD (.pdf/5.74MB)

Ian Lowell,
Masuk High School, CT (.pdf/6.53MB)

Saul Straussman,
Taylor Allderdice High School, PA (.pdf/1.51MB)

Exam Information

Practice Exam

A full AP U.S. History Practice Exam (.pdf/7.36MB) demonstrates what to expect on the redesigned exam.

Secure Questions

Later this fall, teachers can access an initial set of practice exam questions – multiple-choice, short answer, and long essay items covering Periods 1 through 5 (approximately 1491-1877) – through their AP Course Audit accounts. In the spring, another set of secure questions, for Periods 6 through 9, will become available. We'll send AP U.S. History teachers an email when each becomes available. 

About the Exam

The AP U.S. History Exam Page gives a detailed breakdown of format, content, and past exams. Students will take the redesigned AP U.S. History Exam on Friday, May 8, 2015.


The AP Program has been overwhelmed not just by the support and encouragement of the majority of AP U.S. History teachers who have championed the new course and exam, but also by unsolicited support from the nation's leading professional history associations. If you ever need help in clarifying the false information that has been circulated about the AP U.S. History course, you may find the following endorsements helpful:

Professional Development

AP U.S. History Teacher Community

Join an online forum moderated by fellow educators, where AP teachers connect with colleagues, share classroom materials and exchange ideas.

AP Institutes & Workshops

Learn about professional development opportunities, including one-day, face-to-face workshops and AP Summer Institutes. Upcoming workshops include:


U.S. History Curriculum Framework Public Comment Form

If you wish to propose evidence-based changes to the AP US History Curriculum Framework, please do so from
October 1, 2014 through February 28, 2015. After that time, all collected feedback will be reviewed and considered by the AP U.S. History Course and Exam Development Committee. If you have any additional questions, please email