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Getting Started

The AP Program designed AP Computer Science Principles to engage traditionally underrepresented students in computer science and to develop future leaders in STEM fields. Use the resources below to prepare for AP CSP this fall or to decide if AP CSP is right for your school.

For additional details on teacher resources, visit the AP CSP course home page on AP Central.


The AP CSP Toolkit provides resources to help you bring the course to your school. It includes videos, communication templates, brochures, banner ads, and more to help you show your colleagues the benefits of AP CSP and encourage students to take the course.


Learn more about AP Computer Science Principles:

  • The value of the course
  • Course and exam structure
  • How to bring the course to your school
  • Professional development opportunities
  • AP Digital Portfolio

Download webinar and presentation for administrators and counselors.

Download webinar and presentation for teachers.

Download the recording to the AP Digital Portfolio Webinar Part I.

Download the recording to the AP Digital Portfolio Webinar Part II.

Endorsed Providers

The College Board has endorsed curriculum and professional development delivered by a limited number of organizations to ensure that schools and teachers have high-quality options for implementing AP CSP. Learn more.

Course and Exam Resources

  • The AP CSP Course and Exam Description (.pdf/2.05 MB) provides an in-depth look at AP Computer Science Principles.
  • This series of AP CSP overview modules offers a guided tour of the new course and exam, instructional approaches for the classroom, tour of the AP Course Audit, and resources for teachers.
  • The Course Planning and Pacing Guides, developed by AP CSP pilot teachers, model approaches for planning and pacing curriculum throughout the school year, and provide valuable suggestions for teaching the course.
  • This two-page course overview (.pdf/654 KB) provides a brief description of the course and exam.
  • The Sample Performance Tasks to help teachers and students understand and prepare for the through-course assessment.

Supplemental Classroom Resources

Recruitment strategies, curriculum samples, programming tools, free online courses (MOOCs), and more can serve as starting points to develop your AP CSP course and/or support instruction throughout the year.

Visit the AP CSP Classroom Resources page and join the AP CSP Teacher Community to learn more. Please note: these resources have not been reviewed or endorsed by the College Board, but are recommendations from peer teachers.

Professional Development Opportunities

  • AP Summer Institutes and One-day workshops offer professional development for both experience and novice computer science teachers.
  • Endorsed providers offer a full CSP curriculum, including lessons, unit plans, and activities in addition to robust teacher PD. Learn more.

The AP CSP Teacher Community

Through the AP CSP Teacher Community, you can discuss teaching strategies, share resources, questions, best practices and connect with fellow CSP teachers. Join today. 

AP Course Audit Support

The AP Course Audit for 2017-18 courses is open now.