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The launch of AP Computer Science Principles was the largest course launch in AP’s 60-year history. News outlets across the country have highlighted the positive response to the new course from both students and educators.  

From Education Week:

[AP CSP teacher] Art Lopez said he's been encouraged by the way his students have embraced the course. "Computer science teaches kids how to think," he said. "I've seen it time and time again where my kids are improving their skills in math, their ability to communicate, read, and write, and it's all because of computer science because it teaches you about logic and how to problem solve."

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From U.S. News & World Report:

Even though [Newbury Park High School graduate Michael Liu] says he was already knowledgeable about the subject prior to taking the course, and was simultaneously enrolled in AP Computer Science A, "what I hadn't done was apply … the skills I picked up to do random creative things," he says. "When I took [AP Computer Science Principles], that was the new experience I got."

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From EdSurge:

From 2014 onward, [AP head Trevor Packer] and his team endeavored to work with teachers to create a course that focused less on a particular language like Java, and more on general computing concepts, like algorithms and variables.

The result—AP Computer Science Principles—is “designed to meet students where they are, getting them to use algorithms and data, and enhance their own passion in computer science,” Packer says.

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From Education Dive:

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval this week became the latest to commit to computer science education for all of his state’s students. Starting next year, every single district in Nevada will offer Computer Science Principles, an Advanced Placement course the College Board launched this fall.

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From Black Enterprise:

[AP CSP teacher Chinma Uche] said, “While rigorous, AP CSP has attracted more students and teachers to CS, and has even expanded enrollment in the solely programming course, AP CS A. I have seen AP CSP transform students’ lives.” 

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From the Newton Bee:

This semester, while taking the Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles course, [Newtown High School sophomore Jared Tod] was tasked with creating an app. Jared said he decided to … help students find electives when planning which classes to take at NHS.

The app was finished in the last few weeks and it has been published on the Google Play store.

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