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The Impact of AP CSP

AP Computer Science Principles (AP CSP) was designed to attract a greater diversity of students to the field, focusing on creative problem solving and real-world applications to better prepare them for college and career. Check out what students and educators say about the course.

Five Steps to Start

To bring this dynamic new course to your school, follow these five steps:

Step 1: Explore Curriculum Options

The flexible and rigorous Curriculum Framework found on the AP Computer Science Principles Course and Exam Description (.pdf/2.05 MB) allows schools and teachers to work from an established curriculum or develop one of their own. Your school may also be interested in innovative curriculum and professional development by College Board endorsed providers. Learn more.

Step 2: Add Course and Recruit Teachers

After you’ve added the course to your offerings, complete the interest form to receive updates and free resources.

If your school already offers foundational computing courses or AP Computer Science A, teachers of these courses would be a natural fit for AP CSP.

Due to the broad and multidisciplinary nature of the course, teachers in other disciplines may also be well suited to teach it. AP CSP teachers who participated in the pilot program span a range of disciplines including math, science, business, and economics.

Sign up for College Board professional development workshops near you, or take advantage of professional development opportunities by College Board endorsed providers.

Step 3: Check Your Resources

Ensure that your school meets the logistical and material recommendations to offer AP CSP:

  • Each student has access to course materials
  • Each student has individual access to a computer (i.e., one student per computer) for adequate time to complete course activities
  • Each student has access to the Internet as well as to the tools and programming environments you’ll use
  • Ideally, students have access to support multimedia explorations such as 3-D graphics and sound

Step 4: Recruit Students

Engage all students, including those traditionally underrepresented in computer science, in the world of computing and technology.

Strategies on how to recruit underrepresented students, including how to diversify the AP CSP classroom, are available to you.

Step 5: Submit Course Audit Form and Syllabus

The AP Course Audit provides clear guidelines on curricular and resource requirements that must be in place for AP courses. Review AP Course Audit resources for AP CSP and submit the course audit form and your syllabus today.

My students would make the connections between the different aspects of computing and society. They liked the relevance and the ability to research things that excited them.
— Barbara Froehlich, AP Computer Science Principles Teacher