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Teachers of new, redesigned, revised, and updated courses need to confirm their understanding of the new curricular requirements through the AP Course Audit.





January 31


Resources to support AP U.S. Government and Politics teachers with the AP Course Audit process become available on the AP Course Audit website.

The AP Course Audit begins accepting new or revised syllabi for authorization.

Teachers begin teaching the redesigned AP U.S. Government and Politics course in classrooms. This is the deadline for teachers to submit a new or revised syllabus for authorization, and for administrators to approve AP Course Audit forms.

For more information, visit the AP U.S. Government and Politics Redesign page.

Curricular Materials

Starting in the spring before a new, redesigned, revised, or updated course launches, the following materials to support syllabus development become available on theĀ  AP Course Audit pages on AP CentralĀ®.

  • AP Curricular Requirements Includes a set of curricular and resource expectations that college faculty nationwide have established for a college-level course.
  • Syllabus Development Guide Features the guidelines reviewers use to evaluate syllabi, along with three samples of evidence for each requirement.
  • Annotated Sample Syllabi Demonstrate curricular requirements within the context of actual syllabi. Teachers may submit a sample syllabus for authorization and use it as an approach to teaching a course.
  • Example Textbook List Includes several college-level textbooks that meet the content requirements of AP courses.