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You’re Invited to Become an AP Advocate

The AP Advocates program is expanding. We want you to be a part of it.

Advanced Placement® Advocates are AP teachers who are at the forefront of protecting and growing AP opportunities for students in their schools, districts, and states.

You have been identified by one of your colleagues as someone who would be a valuable addition to our AP Advocates team. Don’t think you’re who we’re looking for? You might be surprised. We’re recruiting passionate AP educators of all types and levels of experience, including:

  • Pre-AP® teachers who play a critical role in ensuring that the pipeline of students prepared for advanced coursework remains strong.
  • New AP teachers who are on the ground and can lend a voice to the ideas, concerns, and perspectives of the community.
  • Retired AP teachers who know students whose lives have been transformed by AP, and who are able to be called upon—sometimes on short notice—to advocate for AP in the media and in legislative sessions.
  • School and district leadership, including curriculum and instruction personnel, who understand the barriers to opportunity that many students face and the challenges to AP that exist in their schools and districts.

Learn more about the AP Advocates program. Or, if you’re ready to become a leader and inform education policy issues affecting AP in your community, complete the AP Advocates virtual orientation today.