AP Microeconomics

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Currently Undergoing Review

AP Microeconomics is undergoing review by the committee of higher education faculty and expert AP teachers who define the scope and goals of the course and exam to ensure that they continue to reflect current scholarship and advances in the field of economics. As a supplementary part of this process, we recently shared the committee’s draft course materials – outlining proposed improvements to the course that, if implemented, would launch several years from now, at the earliest – and asked for public feedback to assure they present a balanced view.

What are the proposed improvements?

The committee of teachers and professors reviewing AP Microeconomics recommends three types of improvements:
  1. Increased emphasis on the skills and practices of economics. By learning to analyze situations and apply concepts to diverse economic settings, students will be able to see how the principles they study in the course shape the world around them.
  2. Increased clarity regarding themes of the course. By organizing the course around a thematic approach, teachers will have greater flexibility to design their own curriculum.
  3. Increased depth and decreased breadth. The materials now explicitly identify the targets for assessment and the knowledge that should be embedded in these learning objectives.

We’re reviewing your feedback

Comments about the draft course materials were accepted between August 11 and September 11, 2015. The AP Microeconomics Committee is currently reviewing the feedback it received.

As always, any updates to AP courses and exams will be announced on this site approximately two years before launch.